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Chloe Howorth, Trustee

Chloe Howorth, Trustee and Co-Founder

I was born in Christchurch, grew up in Australia, and moved back to Aotearoa in 2019.  My professional background is in land and, housing and community development. I have a passion for innovation and supporting local projects, particularly those with a social and environmental focus.  I believe that a ‘home’ is so fundamental to a person’s wellbeing – it is not only a basic human right, but it is the foundation for people to achieve health, wellbeing and stability in all aspects of life.  I started HomeShare for Her with a group of other like-minded women in Nelson/Tasman after lots of conversations about housing affordability, loneliness, social isolation, and the particular needs of women who are living alone and/or looking for a home. Our hope is that HomeShare for Her will give women the confidence to navigate the ins and outs of home sharing, and will provide useful information for those who are considering their housing options.

Anna Mae Angeles, Trustee

Anna Mae Angeles, Trustee and Co-Founder

I was born and raised in the Philippines, and have lived and extensively traveled internationally for work. I am currently a lecturer in the postgraduate space and previously managed the Nelson Women’s Centre, which was where I fortunately met an inspirational group of women who helped form what is now Homeshare for Her, a charitable trust that seeks to connect and support women to find safe and secure housing in the Nelson Tasman region. My background is in international management, having previously worked in several Fortune 500 companies, which encouraged a diverse and inclusive workforce. I greatly believe in the power of volunteerism in making a difference to society, having worked as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) country lead in the private sector for many years. I currently volunteer at the hospice, our local Catholic Parish, and am a member of the Nelson Soroptimists.

Brylee Wayman, Trustee

Brylee Wayman, Trustee

I grew up in Nelson/Tasman and returned with my family in 2011. I’ve worked in central and local government as a data analyst and policy advisor. This has made me aware of the housing affordability and housing choice issues facing many Nelson/Tasman residents. I’ve also had several volunteer roles with community groups, including Refugee Resettlement Support, Playcentre Treasurer, school trustee, and Iron Duke Sea Scouts Chair. I find volunteering to be extremely rewarding and it is a great way to meet people and build a strong community. I first got involved with HomeShare for Her in May 2023, helping draft website content and resources. I became a trustee in February 2024. HomeShare For Her is a great initiative and a community service which has the potential to help many women with both housing options and social connection.

Pip Jamieson, Trustee

I was fortunate enough to grow up in Nelson and, after study and travels, have returned to this wonderful region. Since returning, I have become very involved in the community through my work and governance roles. I have had broad work experience across education, health, business and economic development, and worked in businesses, local and central government. My governance experience includes Swimming New Zealand, The Food Factory, Fresh FM, Y-Nelson, Institute of Directors, Graduate Women New Zealand, and National Council of Women. I am the President of the Nelson Tasman Justices of the Peace Association, a JP and also a Judicial JP. I believe the people in our community are well placed to work together and create the solutions and future we want for each and every one of us. Home Share for Her is a perfect example of Women maximising their relationship skills in ways that enable them to be able to live well, healthily and in fun environments.

Sarah Holman, Trustee

Having lived in Nelson for half my life, arriving from England in the early 1990s, I’ve appreciated the size, strength and generosity of the Nelson community. My background is in property and I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor specialising in development. I have worked in both the private sector and the local government sector both here and in London. I’m self-employed, contracting mainly to local councils, across a broad range of areas which include strategic and environmental policy, community partnerships, and parks and facilities. My personal passion has been advocacy for the protection of heritage buildings, and I was a co-founder with Anne Rush of the Nelson Heritage Advisory Group. Recently two areas that I’m involved in, housing need, and the question of urban intensification, have led to me participating in discussions about the ways demand for housing could be alleviated by using existing housing better.  HomeShare for Her offers an opportunity for women to live together and support each other within the community and I’m excited to be able to contribute to it.

Lindsay Neumann,

I am South African born and have lived in Nelson Tasman since February 2017 when I started my work journey in New Zealand through volunteering. I enjoy working with organisations and people that work together for the good of the community and I am particularly inspired by the women who founded the HomeShare for Her Trust, voluntarily, to answer the need for more affordable, secure accommodation for women. My work background spans change and employee communications, public relations, fundraising and administration in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. I am curious about the world and the people who share it, so in my spare time I author and host a community access radio programme that celebrates and shares our cultural diversity here in Nelson Tasman.

Kindra Douglas, Co-Founder and former Trustee (2024)

I believe in being an active participant in our expanding, evolving world. I believe in the power of each person to bring their creativity, their commitment and their heart to all they do. When they do that within a community setting it enhances and enlivens neighbourhoods, communities and cities in NZ. I am actively connected to various community-led development areas in NZ through my work with Inspiring Communities and maintain a high interest in affordable homes including social and community housing. I also run personal empowerment courses – Pathways to Power and START – stress, tension, anxiety reduction techniques here in Nelson. I am a Trustee of Community Action Nelson (CAN) and supporter of Nelson Tasman Housing Trust, and casual volunteer in various environmental projects.

Kindra co-founded Home Share for Her Trust with Chloe Howorth and Anna Mae Angeles in 2022 and in March 2024 stepped down as a trustee. The team is forever grateful for the heart and soul Kindra put into the formation of the Trust and the formation of our website service. With a background in Teaching and Counselling, Kindra was the Community Centre Director of the Victory Community Centre for over 10 years from 2007 when she established the Centre after working on the Victory Urban Village Project 2005-2007 based at Victory Primary School. She was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal, issued by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in September 2009, for her Services to the Community.

Photograph of Kindra taken by Tessa Jaine, Photographer, TOS Media