Tips for Creating Your Profile

It is important to create an interesting profile so that Home Owners or Home Seekers find each other on the HomeshareForHer website. You need to provide enough information to interest others. 

Listing a profile doesn’t lock you into anything, it just allows other women to view it and reach out to you if they think it might suit them. It is your choice how much detail you provide but it is useful to provide enough information to avoid enquiries that aren’t suitable (e.g. someone wanting to bring their pet if you have a pet free home).

The difference between a Home Owner & Home Seeker profile

A Home Owner is a woman who owns or rents a home that wishes to rent a room out or a section of her home to a Home Seeker. A Home Owner can list their property on the website, as well as look through the profiles of Home Seekers.

A Home Seeker is a woman who is looking for a home to share with another woman. A Home Seeker can browse the website for a Home Owner’s listing or for another Home Seeker to actively go and search for a rental with.

How To Sign In and Create an Account

Use the Sign Up tab at the top of the Home page or the Sign Up buttons further down the Home page for either a Homeseeker (‘Find a Home’) or Home Owner (‘Share your Home’).

You will need to provide some details about yourself including your name, email address, date of birth, whether you have children living with you and if you have pets.

You can upload a profile photo now or can add that later.

If you are a Home Seeker you also need to provide information about yourself and if you work at home. This is in the Biography section and there is a limit of 500 words.

See below for some tips and examples. You will be asked if you want your profile shown to Home Seekers and Home Owners. You need to tick Yes for others to see your profile. You can also do this later by going into ‘My Info’ section of Your account.

After you click the Register button, you will be sent an email with a link to activate your account. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam or junk email folders. After you have activated your account, Home Owners can then Create Your Offer.

How To Create A Home Seeker Profile

This is created from the information you provide in the Biography section when you sign up to create an account. There is a limit of 500 words.

Create a catchy, informative heading about yourself, such as:
Full-time tertiary student wanting a quiet room near to NMIT
– Young professional seeking comfortable home within walking distance to Richmond

Provide further information about the homeshare you would like, such as:
Would ideally like quiet due to intensive study commitments. 
– Would prefer to have a separate bathroom.
– Happy to share cooking and have meals together.
– Would prefer cottage or sleep out on semi rural or rural property with own bathroom

Provide some information about yourself, such as how you spend your days:
I’m at NMIT four days a week and work two nights at a restaurant in town.
– I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends. Regularly practice yoga and go to gym. Happy to walk your dog or have cuddles with your cat but don’t have my own pet. Would sometimes like my Mum to stay if she’s up from the West Coast for the weekend.
– Often travel out of town for work so would like to do own groceries and cooking. Love gardening so happy to help around your property if needed. I go out for meals and to movies regularly.

Upload a photo of yourself (recommended if you are comfortable with this).

Once you have ticked the box for your profile to be shown to Home Seekers and Home Owners, you can start looking at home offers and other seekers’ profile, and can start sending messages.

Remember to check the Resources page for lots of useful guides
and templates to help you with the homesharing process.

Home Owners: How To Create A Home Offer

Home Owners need to create an offer after you have signed up.

The website will ask you to complete the following fields:

Title: Create a catchy, informative heading for your home, such as:
Large bedroom with ensuite close to city centre
– Fully self-contained sleep out on rural property in Tasman

About Me and My Home: Tell us a bit about your home, lifestyle and
interests, and the type of person you would like to share with.
Provide further information about your home, such as:
Retired woman wanting younger professional to share home.
Possible help with upkeep of large gardens. My grandchildren
come over some weekdays after school and stay the odd
weekend. I’m a vegetarian who loves cooking. My other interests
are tramping, tai chi and movies. Sleepout includes full kitchen,
separate bedroom, lounge and bathroom. There’s a heatpump
and a sunny balcony area. Carport attached so all weather

Detached sleep out available with full kitchen, separate bedroom, lounge and bathroom. There’s a heatpump and a sunny balcony area. All weather access as there is a carport. I travel a lot with my work so am frequently away, but when home I enjoy my garden,
reading and having friends visit.

Provide some information about yourself, such as:

Professional who has recently moved to Nelson for work.
Keen to meet people and explore the region. I love kayaking,
climbing and singing.

Location: Nelson or Tasman (you can specify the suburb or town in
the Title or About your Home)

Price: This can be an estimate that can be negotiated and agreed

Things to consider are whether the price will include the cost
of WIFI and power, whether it will include food or you each pay for
your own. Think about what do you need financially or practically to
make a homeshare work and cover costs. Do you want less money
but more ‘in-kind’ help instead (cleaning, gardening, driving)?

It might be useful to search other listings on this website to help you decide on a fair price.

Pets considered?: Leave blank if you definitely don’t want to share
with someone with a pet. If you tick yes, you can still say no later,
once you know more about the type of pet.

Children OK?: Leave blank if you definitely don’t want to share with
someone with children. If you tick yes, you can still say no later,
once you know more about the children and how often they would
be living in your home.

Photos: You can upload as many as you want. They view as a slideshow when seekers are viewing your listing. It is good to show the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Photos give the Home Seeker a good idea of what you are offering so they can consider it before contacting you.

Click the Publish button. Your listing will then go to a website
administrator who will review it prior to it going live. If you don’t hear from the administrator, check the website page for Homes after a few days to see if your offer is listed. You can make edits to your offer anytime.

Remember to check the Resources page for lots of useful guides and templates.