The HomeShare for Her Process

Suggested Process for Home Owners & Home Seekers:

  1. Create a profile on HomeShare for Her website- either as a Home Owner or Home Seeker (see Tips for Creating Your Profile)
  2. Search Home Owner or Home Seeker listings to find a possible match
  3. Message the Home Seeker or Home Owner to begin the conversation about homesharing
  4. Arrange a phone call to ask further questions of each other (see questionnaires for discussion ideas)
  5. Reference checks (see Questions to Ask Referees) 
  6. Arrange an initial meeting at a neutral place such as a cafe or the library, to start the discussion about possibly homesharing
  7. If compatible then arrange for the Home Seeker to visit your house for a look around

Things to Discuss

  • Finances- rent amount, how often & how it’s paid. Could it be reduced for certain jobs?
    • bills / utilities (power, WIFI, gas)- how will these be split &/or paid?
    • groceries- how will these be split &/or paid?
  • Shared spaces (areas everyone can use and personal spaces)
  • Pets
  • Chores / household jobs – how will they be divided?
  • Meals – cooking arrangements
  • Visitors / guests
  • Internet usage
  • Normal bedtime/ quiet hours
  • Principles for communication (including what we will do if either of us has concerns or feels that it’s not going as well as we hoped!)
  • Length of homeshare, trial period and termination

Finalising Your Homeshare

  • Agreements and House Rules- following on from previous discussion
  • Move in
  • Check in after an agreed period of time