Sharing Agreements (Templates)

Sharing Agreements

Sharing a Home you Own

It is important to know that The Residential Tenancies Act does not cover home sharing arrangements (where a Home Owner shares their home with a Home Seeker), however you may still want to have a written sharing agreement. We have developed this template to use, or you might like to draft your own, depending on your individual circumstances. You could also use or adapt the Flatmate Sharing Agreement.

Accommodation Sharing Agreement

Sharing a Home you Rent

If you are sharing a rental property (with the permission of the landlord), and someone else has signed the tenancy agreement but lets you share the flat, then you are a ‘flatmate’. Flatmates live in the property but are not part of the tenancy agreement. Tenancy Services has useful advice for flatmates here. Tenancy Services also has this agreement for flatmates to use.

Flatmate Sharing Agreement

Renting a Home Together

If two Home Seekers decide to find and rent a property together, then you should jointly sign a periodic or fixed term tenancy agreement with your property manager or landlord. These are standard Residential Tenancy Agreements and they are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act. Tenancy Services has useful advice on these agreements here.